Oklahoma! (Will Parker) - Arizona Daily Star

Ryan Kleinman … made us laugh while he seduced us with his voice.”

Ryan Kleinman [gives] just the right amount of gravity and buffoonery to the role.”

Oklahoma! (Curly) - Rapid City Journal

“Curly [was] played boyishly likable by Ryan Kleinman

Bat Boy (Dr. Parker) - Arizona Daily Star

Ryan Kleinman played the crazed vet, Dr. Parker, with a very sane energy. And it was crazy.”

Oklahoma! (Will Parker) - Tucson Weekly

Ryan Kleinman (sensational as Will Parker) kicks the show into an even higher gear when he bounds onstage to extol the modern wonders of Kansas City.”

The Wizard of Oz (Tin Man) - Talkin' Broadway

Ryan Kleinman uses a soft spoken nature and strong, clear singing voice to instill the Tin Man with plenty of heart.”